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Reflection Paper

Its been kind of a journey in Critical Thinking. I can look back to the beginning of the semester (which feels not long ago), and think about how much media I consume. Honestly, the answer: A LOT. The media that is always surrounding really takes a toll on my life. Everywhere I go, even at home just chillin, there would be some kind of ad popping in my face, whether its stickers, tote bags, or even mugs. This may seem like not a big deal, however these messages that are being taken in every day influences the way I see the world even subconsciously.
     Despite this, lately, as I take note of all the media surrounding me both online, or just walking down a street, really takes me by surprise by all the messages being sent. It did change the way I approached media now that I have been aware of it. It really showed how much is actually shaping my reality and value assumptions, and the different techniques used to draw my attention. Lots of billboards now are digital, showing even m…

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